W is for Water Element

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Talia is our Water Element and the most mysterious of the four. Ray is very likely hiding her, but for what reason no one knows. Once Lily and Eli know what they’re looking for–how to spot the signs of an element–they know Ray has some explaining to do.

But Ray doesn’t have all the answers either. He just knows that when the sun goes down, Talia comes out. So Ray’s become quite the night owl waiting on the porch for his water fairy.


V is for Villain


Ok, so this is another chance to run the Demon, Frank’s photo. He’s got a charming side–the best villains do. But he’s as  vicious as they come–maybe even more so than Satan himself, who seems to have gotten a little jaded lately if you ask Frank. Frank’s prime for a take over and if he can get control of Solomon’s Ring of Elements, he’ll have control over the demons. Satan may have started out as an angel, but he’s all Hell now and all Hell is about to break loose.

U is for Update

Earth  fire  water  air by JoffiI got a post asking for a pinned note of sorts as to what the novel I’m working on is about. It occurred to me that as the letters have drifted by in this challenge it’s unrealistic to think that every visitor–or even most of them–have the time to read all the posts (even though they’re short)  so that they have an understanding of what all these random characters and plot points are about.

So here’s the update:

Biblical legend says that God gave King Solomon a magic ring which gave him dominion over the demons and the power to influence the elements–earth, air, wind, and fire. This “ring” has long been thought a myth, but it’s just been a misunderstanding. It’s not a piece of jewelry at all, it’s a circle of individuals–some human, some not so much–each with the power to control one of the four elements.

Centuries have passed with no reason for this circle to come together, but times have changed. Demons have made themselves at home on earth and one in particular has delusions of grandeur that threaten the balance of power both above and below. Someone will have to find all the elements and wield  the circle of power they create. Who is that someone, where are the Elements, and who’s to say all five of these people are willing to work toward the same goal?

We’ve met Eli–young seminary student, researching the Ring of Solomon. Lilly–Air Element, whom Eli falls for.  Christopher, Fire Element, former love interest to Lilly and therefore not Eli’s best pal. Ray–Earth Element, and a bit of &!@*#. Talia–Water Element, and mystery. We’ve met the Demon Frank and learned about the Hell Hole–a goth club with a Hell of a basement. This first novel in the series will have out characters come together–if only briefly–to fight the good fight, but a battle won is not a war over.

T is for Talia, Element Water

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The Water Element character has been elusive to me, but I kept imaging her living where Ray lives–an isolated farm where someone was growing medicinal plants, keeping livestock, tending a pretty awesome garden and pretty much keeping to themselves. As is, when Eli and Lily visit Ray for the first time, he’s alone. But it seems like someone else lives there although he’s hesitant to say who.

When I looked up the “water personality” I figured out who else is there–somewhere. Here’s what I found….what a natural fit.

The water personality can be charming, persuasive and articulate. She thinks intuitively and uses that gift to become a natural healer. She capitalizes on her resources and intelligence. She is clever, introspective and self-sufficient. She prefers to remain hidden, enigmatic and anonymous, rather than seeking the limelight. She can be unpredictable, moody, isolated and lonely. She could appear tactless, unforgiving and suspicious, in an effort to hide his vulnerability from others.

Hello, Talia.


S is for Solomon’s Ring

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According to legend, King Solomon was given a magic ring with gave him dominion over the demons and the power to influence the elements. Many people have searched for this ring, but no one has ever found it. Until now.

Only it’s not a ring of iron and jewels as the legend says, it’s a circle of very special people, each with the gift of dominion over an element–earth, air, fire, and water. And who “influences” them? The wearer–or wielder–whoever that may be. The demon,Frank, will try his hand at calling the shots, but it’s someone much more powerful even than he is who will take control.

But what is power and from whom does it come? Ah, now there’s the rub.

R is for Rest


Sneak Peak at Book 2

There will be no rest for the battle weary as Hell opens up and brags one of the Elements down into the fire. Who is it and how will the others get their friend back? And what if one of them doesn’t want to?

Q is for Quiet Places

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Lily, our Air Element heroine, has a knack for stirring up storms. To find peace in the midst of her turmoil, she likes to linger in the rose garden behind the basilica. There amid the petals and thorns, the stone angels and iron gates, she feels safe and calm.


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Inside the sanctuary, Eli sits in the first pew where the sun hits the stained glass, cathedral windows and casts its multicolored light out across the marble floors. Eli kneels down and rests his head in his hands and prays.


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But a storm in coming and there won’t be quiet for long.

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