Whoa! e-books just got real!

Visit the launch page over on writerlysam.com to see into the future of publication. There has never been anything quite like this before!


“Epic music masters, Two Steps From Hell, stretch the boundaries of the e-book, combining intriguing storytelling from Nick Phoenix, forty six hand drawn pen and ink illustrations from Otto Bjornik, and unforgettable musical themes from Thomas Bergersen (additional music by Nick Phoenix)—recorded with a live orchestraculminating in a 75,000 word epic fantasy/sci fi enhanced iBook! Welcome to the next stage of literary evolution!”


Book Launch!!


It’s out! Heroes of Phenomena, the e-book companion to audiomachine’s  new public release Phenomena(yeah, those guys in Hollywood who do all the amazing film music!) It’s an amazing combo of some wonderful professional YA writers, artists, contest winners, and featured youth–and music!

Right now you can get it for FREE at Kobo and Smashwords and for only .99 at Amazon where all the proceeds will go to The LA Youth Orchestra.

I’m pretty darn flattered not only to have a story in the book, but I’m batting first!

Click HERE  for more info on the whole project, audiomachine, and how to get your copy of Heroes of Phenomena!


Watch this amazing book trailer written and filmed by some of the kids who had a chance to publish in this book as well!

Cover Reveal!


It’s just about time for the new Audiomachine, PHENOMENA album, companion ebook,  Heroes of PHENOMENA!

Launching June 2014!

I”m thrilled to be among some amazing writers and honored to be batting first on the table of contents.

Get more info here!




Story coming out in new ebook!


Hey ya’ll! I’ve got a story coming out  in the new companion ebook to Audiomachine’s Phenomenon album out soon! You can get a chance to be in this book too, check out the contest for art and story. Deadline is May 15th!! Go to writerlysam.com for details and to hear some of Audiomachine’s awesome music.


Z is for Zeal

images (15)

Which our heroes are going to need in order to make it through this first step in the battle between good, evil and even worse. Hang in there guys and girls and fight like Hell is right on your heels, because it is.  It’s a battle The Elements can win and a war that will change the world.


Thank you, A to Z bloggers, for hanging out while I worked through some of the plot point issues and made character changes on my novel. I think I’ve come across some interesting twists and turns and I can’t wait to implement these changes. Come back and see what’s going on with me and my writing and I’ll be stopping by your “house” as well.

Here’s to another great April!

Y is for Yesterday

download (3)

“Yesterday, I believed,” Eli said. “Today, I know. Knowing carries a whole lot more responsibility than believing.”

He reached out like he was going to touch my hair, but he ran his finger across my cheek instead. When he touched my hair he came back with a handful of feathers. When he touched my skin he gave me chills.

“Do you wish it was yesterday?” I asked.

“No,” he said. “Yesterday, I didn’t know you.”

“I hope knowing is worth it,” I said.

“So far it is,” he said and he kissed me.


X is for Xanadu


Not the movie, but does anyone remember that thing? I do.  It means:  idyllic, exotic, or luxurious place. 

Lilly lives in her art studio. Eli refers to it as Xanadu. But to her, his apartment over a local bistro is more idyllic and heck, even more exotic with its luxuries that she hasn’t had in years. She’s getting a little too comfortable camping out in his spare bedroom and lounging on the couch watching television. It’s a wonderful escape, but she can’t hide out forever.

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